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Ergonomically Designed Hoe

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Circlehoe Standard Hoe
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59" Overall Length

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Circlehoe Hand Hoe
-Out Of Stock-
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15" Overall Length

Circlehoe Mini Hoe
-Out of Stock-
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10.5" Overall Length


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Flat Hoe Cuts Roots
CircleHoe Saves Roots

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Flat Hoe Disturbs Soil
CircleHoe Saves Soil

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Make Hoeing Easier On You And Your Plants!

    The Henningsen CircleHoe makes the job of weeding around and under the canopy of mature plant foliage quick and easy -- and eliminates undercutting and setback of plants.
    There is no need to bend down and hold the foliage back with your hand -- just use the back of the hoe (sides and back are dull to prevent accidental cutting of plant) to lift back foliage, position the hoe and pull it toward you. (The Henningsen CircleHoe is a pull tool -- it will cut only when you pull the blade toward you.) The curved, sharp front edge cuts down and away, reducing the risk of cutting roots close to the stem of the plant.
    The CircleHoe blade is made of a composite carbon steel (not stainless in order to get more hardness) and the handles are maple on the two smaller units and ash on the long handle because of it's flexibility. The handles are wooden to absorb shock better.
    The steel is not stamped with a name because that weakens the steel structure.

-The Standard hoe is a 59" long handled tool with a 3" diameter blade for all around weeding & cultivating.
-The Hand hoe is a 15" sturdy tool for large containers, raised beds & for those who prefer to kneel or sit while weeding.
-The Mini hoe is 10.5" and Ideal for seedlings, kitchen gardens & small containers.

  • QUICKLY weed and cultivate in hard-to-reach and tight places. PERFECT FOR ROSE GARDENS! .
  • SLICE WEEDS WITHOUT RISKING accidental cutting of plant stems or roots.
  • NO BENDING as you use the dull back of the hoe to reach under & lift plant leaves to get at the weeds. IDEAL FOR OLDER AND PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED GARDENERS. .
  • WORK AROUND IRRIGATION SYSTEMS without fear of cutting or pulling up hoses.
  • CULTIVATE & AERATE the soil as it passes through blade so your plants will be more healthy & vigorous.
  • MAINTAIN CONTROL of the hoe by pulling the blade toward you. No more "out of control" push/pull motion.
  • ELIMINATE CHEMICAL WEED KILLERS -- the circlehoe is so easy to use and effective even in the toughest places.
  • CUTS WEEDING TIME IN HALF in established gardens or in newly planted areas. Recommended by master gardeners for use in PERENNIAL BEDS.
  • BLADE is "small but tough" -- light and easy to hold but slices through even sizable weeds.
  • CUTS THROUGH CLAY OR ADOBE with sharp edge. Gets rid of weeds in gravel bed or packed, edge. Gets rid of weeds in gravel bed or packed, rocky driveway. NO MORE CHOPPING!
  • OTHER SUGGESTED USES FROM OUR CUSTOMERS: Round blade great for cleaning gutters, scrape away dirt to unearth buried irrigation pipe, scooping out gourds or pumpkins.

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